Announcing the Winners of the Acts of Compassion Challenge




1.     Why did you decide to participate in the challenge? How was your experience?


“Participating in the challenge motivated me to do something for someone everyday by making me think of new ways to bring a smile to someone’s face or at least to ease their pain. Reading about other participants’ acts of compassions and even witnessing other people’s acts of compassion made me realize that we as humans are not a lost cause, there are still remarkable human beings around us who want to heal the world that there is still warmth in our souls and God in our hearts.”


.- Faiza Saleem, CFC Compassion Ambassador and Acts of Compassion Winner,  20 years, Student of LLB 3rd year and Theatre actor, Karachi


“I decided to participate in the challenge reason being that there were a lot of things that I wanted to stop in myself and wasn’t being able to so I thought challenging myself would be the best thing to do so
and especially in the holy month of Ramadan. I think I loved the experience because it actually helped me in being a better person.”


-Kamni Siraj, CFC Compassion Ambassador and Acts of Compassion Winner, 26 years old, Banker and Free Lance Trainer



  1. If you are a Muslim, or from another tradition, is there anything in particular about religious practice or thought that you believe allows or teaches you to be more compassionate?

“I think being a Pakistani and belonging to a country where there is only a translucent line between religion and tradition gives us all a wonderful basis to be good human beings. Good human beings are loved by Allah and so, technically are good Muslims. I think that soft-heartedness, hospitality and empathy are traits that our traditional upbringing instills in us.” – Areej Qureshi, 27 years Marketing Manager & Mother



3. What is compassion to you? Why do you think compassion is an important virtue?


Compassion to me is kindness, sympathy, care, consideration and the ability to keep myself as good and kind as I could be, not only for others but also for myself. Compassion is an emotion that dwells inside every single human being; hence one has to feel it. Compassion is one of the most important virtues; it had been given immense importance in the Holy Quran and also is one names of Allah.


-Ghalib Khalil, CFC Act of Compassion Challenge Participant, (Special recognition), 16 years Student (O levels), Sialkot



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